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  • First, he worked for a congressional campaign committee.
  • Then, he served as the top aide to a congressman on Capitol Hill.
  • Within months, he became a lobbyist on K Street for liberal special interests.
  • He then went back on the inside as a top staffer for the U.S. House committee in charge of healthcare and energy policy.
  • Morrisey took a leave of absence to run for Congress in New Jersey; despite the support of the establishment and lobbyists, Morrisey finished in 4th place.
  • He got a raise and a promotion when he came back, then made a name for himself writing a new government-run health care law for Big Pharma.
  • Within months of passing the law, Morrisey became a Partner at a lobbying firm, paid big bucks by Big Pharma clients who benefitted from the law he wrote.
  • Morrisey then moved to West Virginia and ran for Attorney General without a WV law license, using the millions he made lobbying to finance his campaign.
  • After becoming Attorney General, Morrisey was beset by numerous scandals and forced to recuse himself from matters involving former lobbying clients.
  • Now he’s running for U.S. Senate, even as his personal lifestyle is funded by profits from a K Street lobbying firm that lobbies…U.S. Senators.

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