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Former D.C. Swamp Lobbyist for Opioid Pushers Cashes In Big
Q3 Campaign Finance Report Shows Morrisey Took $100,000+ from Big Pharma

In three months, 50 pharma lobbyists contributed $77,200 to Morrisey’s campaign, with another two dozen pharma executives, lawyers and PACs boosting the industry’s total investment in him to $103,700.

Prior to his election in 2012, Morrisey was making millions in D.C. as a lobbyist for these same interests. In fact, the trade association for the Big Three opioid distributors that were then flooding West Virginia with 423 million pain pills was simultaneously paying Morrisey hundreds of thousand dollars to lobby.

His Senate campaign donors include at least one lobbyist whom records show pushed “the Marino bill;” a top lobbyist for one of the Big Three opioid companies Morrisey himself once represented; and another lobbyist who actually brags about having protected OxyContin profits for manufacturer Purdue Pharma:

“[I] Led, created and implemented long-term (4 year) regulatory and legislative crisis management plan to combat effort by the DEA to remove OxyContin, a schedule II pain reliever, from the prescription market. Plan ultimately saved $1.2B in annual sales.” – LinkedIn

And, no surprise, Morrisey took nearly $20,000 in dirty money from 8 lobbyists at Capitol Counsel, the same D.C. lobbying firm that generated $3.3M in profits over a decade from Cardinal Health – and the same firm listed as an ownership interest on Morrisey’s own financial disclosure statement.

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